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About Beyond Token

Beyond token is a token backed by major digital assets, including stable coins, bitcoins and ethereum. One Beyond token equals one underlying unit of the currency backing it, and is backed 100% by actual assets in the Tether platform’s reserve account. 

By leveraging Blockchain technology, Beyond token allows you to store, send and receive digital tokens person-to-person, globally, instantly, and securely, with 100% transparency at all times.

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Beyond token is built on top of open blockchain technologies, all source codes are always visible, empowering contributions.

Beyond token converts major stable coins, to anchor the value to the price.

BYDT helps to build liquidity on the platform. With BYDT, power belongs to you, not any government.

Every BYDT is always 100% backed by major digital currencies or any other assets.

Beyond’s blockchain-enabled technology delivers world-class security.

There is a proven track record on the cryptocurrency exchange and blockchain.